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Description of Google Play Services

Google provides several different apps that can be very useful to you and your needs. To keep them all organised and in perfect sync, you can download Google Play Services, which updates your Google and Google Play apps, all at once. 

Let Google Play Services do all the work for you and manage all your apps without you having to control them all the time. The app synchronises all your contacts and authenticates your Google services, so that when you change from one app to another, you'll have them working seamlessly. 

This app also has access to the latest user privacy settings as well as to higher-quality and lower-powered location based services, thus providing you with the best possible experience. 

By speeding up your offline searches and allowing for even more immersive maps and better gaming experiences, Google Play Services provides the best technology and the best user experience there is.

It's really simple to start using this app. Just download it and sign in to your account to make sure all your apps are connected and that you never miss a thing. 

However, please note that if you uninstall your Google Play Services' app, your remaining Google apps may stop working. 

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Dylan Joseph Dupree Simmons avatar 3 months ago

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not updated

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Robertdabest avatar
G3666-PL 1 year ago

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for some reason it thinks that I am android I get confused and its also funny😂😂😂😂😂

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Kyle Nicole 1 year ago

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1 year ago

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it does not work for me :'(

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APK Version 16.0.87 (100408-237497137)
Compatibility Android 7.1+ (Nougat)

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